About Us

Parlour & Palm is a boutique interior design and decorating firm based in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in space planning, furniture selection, and interior decoration in the Portland metro area and beyond. 

We believe that your home should be your happy place -- where you want to be, doing what you love to do (In Tara's case, daily dance parties with her two little kids. In Katie's case, cuddle time with her kitty in the tiny house she designed and built). We also believe that good design is thoughtful, intentional, and personal. It changes not only how your home looks, but how you feel when you are in it.


We love a good design challenge and the opportunity to help clients discover and refine their personal style—everyone has one, even if they don’t know it yet. Our goal is to help you create a harmonious space where the design elements have a clear visual relationship to one another. All of the pieces we select (furniture, art, decor, etc.) work together to create a cohesive, comfortable, inviting, and intentional space. We will help you create your personal sanctuary--a beautiful, functional space that feels like you. 

Meet the Team

We're Tara and Katie, two Oregon natives who met in interior design school. We both love travel, vintage shopping, and beautiful interiors (and any experience that combines all three). While completing school projects, we quickly learned that we work incredibly well together and that our styles -- both fresh, current, and vintage-inspired -- are super complementary. It only took us a few months of getting to know each other before we started talking about our plans to one day work together. We are so excited to combine our talents to collaborate on creating your beautiful space!


Katie Andersen

Co-Founder, Lead Designer, Expert Stylist

Katie is a PNW native and a graduate of Heritage School of Interior Design. She has a passion for carefully curating the perfect finishing touches to create cozy and beautiful spaces. Katie has a vintage aesthetic with a fresh modern take. 

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Tara Dawkins

Co-Founder, Lead Designer, Operations Manager

Tara has a background in marketing. After having kids, she went back to school and turned her passion for interior design into a career. She enjoys working in a variety of interior styles, and loves the process of helping clients develop and refine their personal aesthetic. 

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