E-Design Process

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many people have reached out to us and said that — now that they are home ALL the time — they are really craving an improved space in which to spend their time. Whether that means creating a more functional home office, more comfortable movie night seating for the whole family, a dedicated meditation space, or just an overall more beautiful home to brighten your mood, we can help. Parlour & Palm offers e-design services — designing online from a safe social distance! We wholeheartedly believe that living in a thoughtfully and intentionally-designed space can help reduce stress and elevate your mood (something we all need right now). Below find information about our e-design process.



1. Design Questionnaire

We want to get to know you! We begin the process by asking you a few lifestyle and design questions in an online questionnaire.



4. Payment

After signing the contract, you send us payment.



7. Revisions & Feedback

After reviewing the Design Plan, you send us your initial thoughts and feedback.



2. Virtual Meeting

Next, we set up a consultation via FaceTime or Zoom. This meeting helps us get to know more about you, your space, and the project.



5. Measurements & Photos

Before we can begin picking out those perfect pieces for your space, we need two vital elements from you: measurements and photos. We provide a pdf guide to help you with both of these tasks.



8. Finalized Design Plan & Shopping List

After receiving your feedback, we revise and finalize the Design Plan. We send it back to you, along with a clickable shopping list with the exact pieces for you to purchase.



3. Contract

After determining the scope of the project and a realistic investment, we send you a contract to review and sign.



6. Design Plan

We get our creative juices flowing! We create a detailed Design Plan that includes visual inspiration for your space, proposed looks, specific pieces to purchase, a floor plan, professional guidance, and more. 



9. Plan Implementation

Take our ideas and run with them! You start shopping and creating your new beautiful and functional space. We also provide a Styling Guide pdf to help you along the way.