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Personalized E-Design

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What is E-Design?

E-Design – also known as electronic, remote, or virtual design – is an interior design service that is completed entirely online. With E-Design, collaboration between you and our designers is done virtually through our online portal, email, phone calls, and/or video. 

What are the benefits of E-Design?

Affordable: E-Design is a more-affordable alternative to traditional interior design because the service is performed virtually, cutting out the need for in-person meetings, travel, warehouse fees, a designer’s time to manage and install your project, etc. These services all take time, and therefore cost money. With E-Design, you are only paying for a Design Plan and a clickable shopping list, eliminating all of those additional services and their associated costs.

Convenient & Relatively Quick: No matter where you live in the U.S. – as long as you have access to the internet – Parlour & Palm can provide you with the ideas and tools you need to create a beautiful, expertly-designed space. Once a contract has been signed, you can expect to see your initial design for a single room within 2-4 weeks.


No Pressure Timelines: Once we complete your E-Design Plan, you can move at your own pace when purchasing items. This means it’s entirely up to you whether you want to order everything at once, or buy your items over time (although, remember: items can go out of stock). 

Personalized & Customized: Every E-Design Plan that we create is completely customized to your personal needs and taste. We never reuse the same plans for different clients. We start from scratch every time in order to create the perfect personalized space for you. We work with you to determine your individual style and project needs before creating a unique design that is tailored specifically to you. Some of the products we use in our E-Designs may be repeated, as they are usually retail items as opposed to custom/to-the-trade-only items, but our overall designs are never duplicated.

How does E-Design work?

At Parlour & Palm, we use a private client portal system where you can view all of the information about your project at your convenience. Our process goes like this:


1. Design Questionnaire: We want to get to know you! We begin the process by asking you a few lifestyle and design questions in an online questionnaire.

2. Virtual Meeting: Next, we set up a consultation via FaceTime or Zoom. This meeting helps us get to know more about you, your space, and the project. This consultation has a fee of $100.

3. Contract & Payment: After determining the scope of the project and a realistic investment, we send you a contract to review and sign. At this time, you send us a flat-fee payment. ​

4. Measurements & Photos: Before we can begin picking out those perfect pieces for your space, we need two vital elements from you: measurements and photos. We provide a pdf guide to help you with both of these tasks.

5. Design Plan: We get our creative juices flowing! We create a detailed Design Plan that includes visual inspiration for your space, proposed looks, specific pieces to purchase, a 2-D floor plan, professional guidance, and more.

Revisions & Feedback: After reviewing the Design Plan, you send us your initial thoughts and feedback.

Finalized Design Plan & Shopping List: After receiving your feedback, we revise and finalize the Design Plan, if necessary. We send it back to you, along with a clickable shopping list with the exact pieces for you to purchase.


8. Plan Implementation: Take our ideas and run with them! You start shopping at your own pace and creating your new beautiful and functional space. We also provide a Styling Guide pdf to help you along the way.

E-Design FAQs:

Q: Is E-Design right for me?
A: E-Design is a great option for you if you’re comfortable communicating virtually, you want to get started on your project quickly, you don’t mind a little DIY, and/or you feel comfortable hiring your own contractors (such as painters, electricians, installers, etc.).

Is E-Design less unique than traditional design?
A: Not at all! We customize all of our E-Design plans; they are not “pre-made.” Each plan is tailored to your personal needs and your personal style.

Does E-Design work for kitchens and bathrooms?
A: Absolutely. But keep in mind that kitchen and bathroom updates often include structural changes and those will need to be verified onsite by your installer or contractor. 

How much does E-Design cost?
A: Because every project is different, we provide quote estimates based on your unique design needs. While we are willing to work with varying budgets, please remember that items cost money, and in reality, you get what you pay for. For example, if you request that we work within an “Ikea budget,” you will get Ikea quality items.

How is E-Design with Parlour & Palm different from those big internet E-Design companies?
A: We are a small, boutique interior design company with two lead designers (who absolutely love working together!). You get to choose if you want to work with us or not. With large E-Design companies, you are often randomly assigned to a designer. With Parlour & Palm, you get a personalized service. We genuinely care about the unique design we create for you and want you to love it!

How long will it take to get my design?
A: Once the contract is signed and the flat fee is paid, you can expect to see your preliminary design for a single room in your inbox within 2-4 weeks. Multiple rooms will take a little longer. Good design always takes a bit of time; we want to be thorough, thoughtful, and create something you love.

Is E-Design easier for designers?
A: No, E-Design is no easier for the designer than traditional interior design services; it’s just different. While we don't oversee project management, orders/returns, or installations, we still put the same amount of time, thought, and care into our E-Design Plans that we put into our traditional Design Plans. 

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